quite possibly the sweetest chanel deal ever..

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  1. .. and I have all intentions of snatching it up! (so please don't take it from me!:sad: ) Seriously though, how amazing is this deal? Obviously the price will get higher, but I'm sure it will still be a descent deal, at the bare minimum, right? Well I was just so excited, I couldn't pass up posting a thread about it!
  2. where, what?
  3. What a great deal! Go get it!
  4. WOW...I contacted the sellar and bought it so fast!!!


    Its gorgeous! Go bid, bid, and WIN!!!
  5. Good luck! Let us know if you got it!!!
  6. Sunshine, please don't scare me like that! I was in total shock for a second!

    You would not believe how excited I am about this, I love the cambon line!
  7. Thats for real???????!!!!!!!!!! you go girl!!
  8. SORRY!! I could not resist a little sarcasm! I do not own any channel! (Im kind of stuck in Lv's and Gucci)

    Its so pretty, I hope you get it

    (OH!!! And I would never steal a deal from another PF sweetheart)
  9. Oh, that is so nice sunshine, but I was just kidding, I think it was actually pretty funny.
  10. Good luck to u! Def keep us posted if you are the winning bidder! I shall stay at least 50 ft away from the auction at all times! ;)
  11. Does anyone know how big this bag is/ how much it holds? It looks kind of skinny in the pictures
  12. I hope you win, it looks so pretty!
  13. I'd ask the Seller, she should be able to provide exact dimensions.
  14. Wonderful bag! I hope you win!