Quite possibly the dumbest and most digusting question ever but...

  1. My DS who is now a whopping 3 1/2 months old seems to fancy the Baby Bjorn (thank goodness). However, um, we he goes #2 while in it, it EXPLODES EVERYWHERE!!! It has something to do w/ the pressure and "it" being forced up and out of the diaper. Sorry for the graphic image. :throwup:

    My question is for anyone who has/had the BB, how did you deal w/ it? Did you ever experience this and just deal w/ it?

    Are there any other soft carriers out there where there's not so much pressure "down there?" He still doesn't like slings unfortunately.

    Once again, sorry but I'm in desperate need for some "clean solutions!"
  2. rofl......im looking for items for my daughters soon to b ...son..Ill b avoiding this one...sorry.This thread made me LMAO!
  3. We have a baby Bjorn carrier too but haven't had this problem. But dd has the explosions in her swing every single time.

  4. Alouette :roflmfao: you are so funny. No advice in this, I didnt really used one with my daughter (almost 10 years ago).

    This a little off topic but Jill, are yo gonna be a grandma??? no way, you are gonna be the hottest granny alive... lol.
  5. Hasn't happened yet, but I have had the "explosions" in the car seat and it shooting up and out the back. My Dh carries little one in the Baby Bjorn (I use the sling). If it every happened to him he'd have a nervous breakdown. I am laughing at the thought of it. Yucky! LOL
  6. Really, try the Mei Tai carriers. There are TONS of them and all are pretty good. They are actually easier to use and WAY more comfortable than bjorn anyway. Have to say though.... they will happen quite a bit until the baby is eating more solid food. Gee, I sure don't miss those explosive poops! LOL

    Of course, now I'm dealing with overpeeing diapers and such! LOL
  7. I 3rd the mei tai my daughter had 3 or 4 and I also had them made on etsy LOL... I didn't have the same problem with my daughter but at one point she was having a lot of explosives and I had to up her diaper size
  8. Hmmm, I will have to try the mei tei again. I bought one when he was newborn and he didn't like it so I gave it to one of my friends. I'll have to buy another..any suggestions on which one is the most comfortable for the both of us??

    I've also upped his diaper size and it fits much better but man, that pressure on his bottom! It's enough to measure on a seismograph!! :push:
  9. duh..thanks. I guess I should read it more thoroughly!!

    Do you know if babies can sit facing out in a mei tei? I've only seen pics of babies facing the mother and my lovely DS hates that! He loves to be able to look out and see everything!
  10. Had the same problem with my first; he was 12 pounds at birth and off the charts in height. I wound up with using slings/wraps and have used them every since. They are adjustable for every height, weight, age and can be used my mom, dad, grandparents, even siblings. The front and back carriers just didn't work for us. Good luck!!

  11. Thx!! The slings don't work for him. He prefers to be hanging with his legs dangling for some weird reason...:shrugs:

    That's why I was wondering if the mei tai can accomodate an infant facing forward.
  12. My daughter loved the bb as well and had explosive bm's too, so I just went up a size in diaper and that seemed to help. The bigger size had a little more all around to contain everything....My favorite has been the pampers line - swaddlers, then cuisers, etc. Good luck!
  13. Which diapers are you using? I started with Huggies, but then on a friend's suggestion switched to Pampers Cruisers.

    They cost more, but totally worth it. FEWER blowouts. You can't prevent them all. Sometimes you wonder how a baby can make adult sized bowel movements...:shrugs:

    I hardly ever used my Bjorn :tdown: