Quite possibly the creepiest/strangest message I've ever gotten...

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  1. I came home to this message (Not from somebody here, mind you) entitled "I really love you virtual"
    Just wow.
    No, this isn't somebody that I talk to, either.
    I think my jaw is still hanging open.
  2. What the hay? I like that he said "feet" instead of "feel."
  3. Seriously.
    I'm going to go on the assumption he's not native to English, or something.
  4. The message doesn't make sense... :biggrin: What's he trying to say?
  5. yah i totalli could not make sense of that message :shrugs:
    block the person maybe?
  6. Weird.......their are some strange people out their
  7. Ummm is it spam?? Just delete it.
  8. How funny! The person talks kind of like Borat :smile:
  9. Gotta love Borat! :roflmfao:
  10. Did you receive this from your personal email? Or did this person read your profile like from myspace or a forum and decided to send you a message perhaps?
  11. This sounds as if somebody wrote the message in a different language then posted it in one of those translaters like Google Translate and then sent you the translated version. I personally didnt understand what the person was trying to say!!! haha:biggrin:
  12. Freaky!! I think it may be spam - I have had some pretty bizarre spam!

    Just delete and block!!:yes:
  13. freaky
  14. :wtf: Very weird!
  15. Scary! And it doesn't even make sense?:shrugs: