Quite possibly the creepiest/strangest message I've ever gotten...


Aug 19, 2006
I came home to this message (Not from somebody here, mind you) entitled "I really love you virtual"
person said:
Hi, Darwin!
I'm passing-by the Net now. Feet like write you something kind.
You know, I have my 'archi-law' mix now. That's why I'm so rare animal here.
So now I'm saying you a VERY KIND, WARM, AND SOFT thing. (Like kitten's tummy, maybe).
Love you always ready to give your kindness to any people.
[Sure, you have a new beautiful profile, but I'm not provided with media right now.]
Hope I'll back soon. Bye-bye!

Just wow.
No, this isn't somebody that I talk to, either.
I think my jaw is still hanging open.
Nov 20, 2006
This sounds as if somebody wrote the message in a different language then posted it in one of those translaters like Google Translate and then sent you the translated version. I personally didnt understand what the person was trying to say!!! haha:biggrin: