Quite possibly the best deal ever...

  1. Just have to brag a little... :p I was at the local Goodwill yesterday, and I found -- get this! -- a Burberry trench coat, with tags still attached, for $5.99! :yahoo:

    Tee hee, I'm so excited!
  2. You need to post pics!!!
  3. That is definitely the best deal I have ever heard of in a long time. I would love to see pictures. Congratulations!
  4. OMG what a steal!!! Please post pics!!!!!! I can't wait to see this!!
  5. OMG. You are so lucky. I have been dieing for a burberry trench. I have never seen burberry at a goodwill. Was it one in Chicago. And where?
  6. OMG! You have to post pictures! $5.99???? That is the BEST DEAL EVER!
  7. WHAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT????????????????? lucky!!!
  8. Congrats! That is an insane deal. Pics please!
  9. Congrats- I've seen a few Burberry trenches in some goodwills but they're nver in my size :sad:
  10. Great deal! pls post pics
  11. You are absolutely right, quite possible the best deal ever!!!! Post pix
  12. Wow, what an impressive deal! Definitely post pics!
  13. Holy Crap! I Need To Start Going To More Goodwills!
  14. wow,
    congrats!! :biggrin:

    pic please!!
  15. No way??? That's incredible!