Quite disappointed in my new Morning After Mini bag...

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  1. I bought a black morning after mini bag from Label360 one month ago. After waiting for about 1 week without any contact, I called Label360, and they told me the bag was just sold out and they will ship it to me in 1 week, but actually they didn't. So I called them again, and they postponed it again and again, it's a long wait, anyway I got the bag yesterday.

    Unfortunately, I'm quite disappointed in this bag, the leather looks very rough, and seems was in yellow by nature, and isn’t colored in black very well, so the corners all fade, the edge of the handles are just in the natural yellow without painted, which looks really low quality.

    So I called Label360 again today, they said they could exchange it, but they don't have any one in stock, I have to wait till June...

    I'm very indecisive now, shall I return the bag and get the refund, don't bother to wait 2 months again? According to prior experience, I guess i will wait longer than what they said. However, the sales rep from Label 360 is very nice, and I do love the style of this bag very much.

    I'm just wondering if this bag is a deficit or the overall quality of Morning after bags has been getting worse since RM gets too many orders and has to hurry to produce them? So even I wait for 2 months I will get a bag in the same quality?

    Does anyone have the same problem with the new bag?:confused1:

    Some pics are as below, not very clear since i took them in the evening.

    I still love the style of morning after, but u can see the edge of the handle is in yellow although it's not very clear in the pic.

    the yellow on the corner is not light reflection, it's the true color of this part.

    another corner of the bag

    the handle of the bag, the leather's edge is just in yellow.

    another handle.

    the edge of the fold of the front pocket is also in the natural color of the leather...
  2. aww that does not look right at all! I'd definitely return it and wait, especially because of the damage.
  3. Is that the Night color? Maybe other Night owners can chime in and tell us if that's how theirs are? Very strange though that the edges are yellow like that!
  4. She doesn't look NEW to me. I wonder if she was a return from someone who took her out for a spin.
  5. ^Oh I just wanted to add the part that I thought was damaged was the corner. Looks very scuffed up/whitish to me. I wonder if the trim however is supposed to be yellow/gold to match the gold bottom?
  6. it looks a bit used....Exchange for another one.
  7. I ordered a black one, and it looks very black to me except the faded part and the yellow edges...
  8. it's not the gold bottom one, the bottom is also black. and the trim is unpainted leather color, not a 'painted' yellow...
  9. Wow, that's odd looking. So sorry that you had to wait so long and then you were let down. Hope you're able to exchange it.
  10. yeah, i want to exchange it, but Label360 said they could get it only after June. Really don't want to wait for 2 months. is it possible to return it to RM and get a new one directly from them?

    Thanks a lot for all the reply, i feel much better now...:girlsigh:
  11. hmmm that is weird call them and exchange it for another one. You should be happy with your purchase!
  12. The bag has a very "seasoned" look, which some people may like.

    If you're not sure about the bag, you should return it, there are many MAMs in gorgeous colours, and I'm sure the right one (or two, or three!) for you is out there. ;)
  13. If you don't need it right away, then wait out....
  14. that looks quite odd....i have never seen an RM look like that. i would return it, especially since you don't love it!
  15. That's MAM is from RM's Resort 2007 collection. I'm searching all over the web trying to find a picture of it.

    But yes,it is how it is supposed to look...unfinished edges and all. Also,the black MAB and the black Nikki from the Resort 2007 have yellow undertones.Supposed to look weathered.

    I didn't like the whole look so I passed on it.