Quite a few Chanels 30% off at NM tonight

  1. FYI - I just came from NM in White Plains, NY and saw quite a few Chanels on the 30% off table. They were the ones that are pink with the big black "CC" on them. They also had some in tan/cream color with big black "CC" on them.
  2. Cambons?
  3. I believe that's what the line is called, SwankyMama.
  4. :nuts:
  5. ohhhhh myyyy gawd!!! are shoes on sale too?!
  6. Uh-Oh.
  7. I saw a lot of activity over by the shoe section. I know there was a sale going on, but I didn't go over. I'm not really a shoe person.:yucky: :P
  8. Kat, thanks for the heads up. I'm not much of a shoe person too, I'm glad I'm not the only one. People look at me weird when I say that. :blink:
  9. is the sale only on tonight??
  10. OMG! I wish I was there :blink:
  11. My SA called me this morning to remind me of the sale. Suffice to say, I had self control :amazed:
  12. Tonight was it for the sale... But since the pink/beige Cambons seem to be getting discontinued--I'd still try giving the stores a call tomorrow... First Call starts officially tomorrow at NM, so they might keep those bags on sale--you never know!
  13. At my Saks in Pittsburgh, the pink and beige cambons were on sale, also! I didn't leave until they closed and I bought an awesome new cambon bag. I will be posting pictures in another thread as soon as I resize them!
  14. oh my ged! i wonder if they are having the same promo in Canada?! eek! I'll have to call and ask tomorrow.
  15. please keep us updated! i'm in canada too! thanks:yes:
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