Quit sugar cold turkey!

  1. Let me first say that I've always been a sugar junkie. I drink lots of tea and coffee with sugar. And not just a little bit of sugar...LOTs of sugar. Add to this the fact that I love other sweet stuff (like chocolates) and I found myself having much more sweets than was good for me.

    So..I decided to quit. No sugar in anything. Black tea or coffee (whereas before it was tea/coffee with milk and sugar).

    I've found that my appetite has gone down. A LOT. Even during mealtimes when it was not my habit to eat sugary stuff or drink soda ever.

    Has anyone ever had that experience, or is my body reacting weirdly to no sugar fix?
  2. hi merika!

    i had to stop all sugars (fruit and processed) a few months ago because of my medication and i found that my appetite diminished as well...i also found that once i reintroduced sugar & sweets into my diet i didn't like to eat them anymore...so now...even though i can eat sugar again...i actually prefer to avoid it as it makes me feel kinda sick and things i used to eat (i was a big chocolate freak) no longer taste good

  3. for health reasons i've decided to cut out as much sugar as possible... not including coffee and tea because i seldom drink those things, and wouldn't drink them otherwise (without a LOT of sugar heh...)

    i'm overweight and a weakness of mine is sweets. i suppose it doesn't help i'm a baker. there will always be an excuse. it's just one step i'm going to TRY and make. wish me luck.


    i hope cutting sugar out makes MY appitite diminish!
  4. i cut out sugar and am so happy..congrats!!
  5. Thanks for replying! Yes I did feel sick eating an m&m yesterday. I thought something was wrong with me (I usually eat a couple dozen...but I could only eat 2 yesterday)!!
  6. how were you able to do it? I think I need to do this as well.

  7. Same here! I gave chocolate up for lent and rarely eat it now!
  8. Oh my god, I have tried this.... but it never sticks!
    I am a sugar fiend through-and-through.

    But, it is my one and only vice! I swear!
  9. Merika how long has it been? I think I can do about a week. :shame:

    Congratulations by the way!
  10. Yes, I tried the no sugar thing, and it just doesn't stick for me. I love sugar, really really, love sugar. Possibly addicted. . .possibly
  11. I could never cut out sugar completely from my diet. I'd go crazy and just binge on it! However, I have found that if I just have a bit of sugar in my coffee in the morning, it actually takes away my craving for candy during the day. So I'm still eating sugar, just much less of it!
  12. About four years ago I quit eating sweets. I lasted for approximately 30+ days. It was so weird. My legs got shakey and weak. Eventually I started eating it again, in small amounts and my legs felt normal again. I just can't explain that!
  13. Now? About 5 days. I try to eat things that are high in complex carbohydrates though. It keeps me from having sugar cravings. Wholegran foods mostly.
  14. Is there any specific reason why you want to eliminate sugar from your diet?
  15. No, I'm not diabetic or anything like that. I just thought it would be a healthier option to cut down on the sugar. I didn't have good eating habits and a sugar high only lasted for a while before I started wanting something sugary again - and my energy levels fluctuated a great deal.

    I actually slept better, but I'm not sure if that's related to anything. I have energy throughtout the day without the 'peaks and troughs' of energy I used to have before.