Quirky bag owners

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  1. Hi, moderators.
    How do you guys feel about having a quirky bag club? I think it would be interesting.

    Over time, I've seen a Pearl chanel purse, a pancake Chanel purse, a reissue purse with minature forks, spoons and knives stuck onto the bag.

    I just think a club for looking at fun novelty purses made by Chanel would be interesting. I'm curious what other people's opinions are?

  2. I think it sounds like a great idea Cassie. These runway and LE pieces often pass us by, so to have a gallery of them would be quite interesting.... :thinking:
  3. Sure! If it's busy enough we can move it to the Clubhouse! :tup:
  4. I think it would be nice to see interesting Chanel jewelry pieces too. I love eclectic pieces especially Chanel :smile:
  5. I love this idea! The Chanel matriochka doll, perfume bottle and lego clutches etc were all amazing pieces :heart:
  6. Yes, it is an excellent idea! I love seeing these "special Chanels".....
  7. I'm like the Queen of the quirky minaudieres so I love this post. I have 11 minaudieres with plans on acquiring another 2 this year (suitcase from airlines and film camera from Paris Rome)

    This is my most special bag, my pink alligator mini

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  8. These are the only other 2 I have on my computer unfortunately- the plate and the les beige compact clutch. If you check my instagram though @mimamochi , I post a lot of my collector items as it's a lot more easier on the phone. I'll try to add more things soon though on here for those who don't have instagram :smile: I even collect CJ and rtw

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  9. This bag is amazing!!!! I wish I could afford the minaudieres, especially the les beiges compact, it's one of my favorites!
  10. Great idea. Does anyone else wish we had a Chanel jewelry thread on here? The thread in the jewelry forum isn't really utilized and the jewelry is such an important part of the collection. It is also hard to find info on pieces-this might be a good way to share?
  11. Thanks lovely, it's my hobby to collect these bags. Affording them I find is about priorities. I only have 4 large daily and overnight bags that I use as I prefer to save my money for a little something different (even if they're not as practical) :smile:
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  12. +1
  13. This is absolutely incredible. And the film camera bag will be TDF!
  14. I love these. Do you use them? It's ok if you don't I'm just curious. They are beautiful pieces. I've been following you in IG!

  15. I follow you on IG and LOVE your amazing collection and your posts! ️