Quints by Surprise TLC

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  1. I started watching this show last night and I am hooked. Its like John and Kate + 8 but this couple actually love and care for each other. The kids are really adorable and I can't wait to see more episodes.

    Anyone else watch this show?
  2. These titles trip me out? were the quints conceived naturally? If not and they did IVF, then the quints are not by 'surprise'.
  3. From what I found online, it looks like they were not conceived naturally. They did intra uterine insemination.
  4. ^Yes and the surprise was getting 5 although they do tell them teh chance of it happening!!! Ahhhh something about that dad just screams sleazey. I'm sorry i just had to say it! He also looks like he doesn't want to be there sometimes. Just the way he acts and while i do agree nobody "wishes" for this, you still got to thank God everyday for your blessing even it is five babies.

    There was story on the news last night about one of these TLC dad's getting arrested for domestic abuse and i kept thinking it was him until i saw the mug shot and it was the dad from a sextuplets show which i confused with the quints!
  5. Nope, it's the dad on the WE channel one. Don't remember the name of their show.
  6. ^yup it mentioned the name of the show but i didn't recognize it because i don't think i've seen it on TLC here in Canada.

    So her husband is too "cheap" to hire movers.....ummm wouldn't it be better and way less money to just hire some babysitters? The wife is trying to pack with all the little kids running, crying, touching things all around her. Theres no way they will get anything done like that! And di you see one of the babies pick up the cheese grater?? I was hoping someone would grab it from her so she didn't hurt herself with it!
  7. I guess I like the show but I don't like their attitude from the episode I watched. Mostly the dad seemed like he never wanted that many kids and still doesn't even tho their here now. Very sad
  8. that's what I'm saying, that ain't a surprise :lolots:
  9. Is this the show where they took a plane trip to see their grandfather? OMFG I watched a show where the parents took these screaming brats on a plane and I got hives, had to turn it off!!! And delete the next show it taped. I cant take screaming kids!!!

    I am so over these people having multiple births and getting tv shows out of it :rolleyes: Kate and her kids are enough.

    And YES the title is stupid when you do IVF its like duh how can it be a surprise you got a gaggle of kids, you injected yourself with a bunch of eggs, what did you expect :rolleyes:
  10. I remember in the first show the doctors told them that they were pregnant with 5 babies (i think it was actually 6 but one died or am i thinking of another show) and the doctors asked them if they wanted to only keep 2 or 3. I swear i never knew they could even do that and it seriously haunted my night. You finally get pregnant and yes it may be a lot of kids but how could you even think of choosing who lives and who doesn't? Luckily they didn't do it but yeah that dad looks like he's going to take off one day.

    Hey buddy i think Jon Gosselin has a spare room for you at his place!

  11. the guy who was arrested was Brian Masche who is the dad on the WE reality show, "Raising Sextuplets"
  12. I agree. What do people expect when they resort to fertility drugs and medical assistance? It is more likely than not that they will end up with multiples, unless selective reduction is done. I don't see how it is a surprise at all. I'm over these shows too.
  13. You say that like people should be ashamed to need help. Not everyone can conceive naturally. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using fertility drugs. Tons of people use them everyday, and they don't all result in massive multiples.
  14. I don't get that from her comment at all.

    That sentence in the FULL text of her comment is totally different. She didn't say that it's wrong to get help with IVF, but that because of the likelihood of multiple births, it not that much of a surprise that they ended up with mutiple kids.

  15. I dont get that from her comment at all. You dont know her tone in the statement. She is merely saying what do they expect? I agree with her, if you are injected with a bunch of eggs you have to know they can all take or none. I am sure the Drs say that, and I am sure everyone has heard of Octmom and the Gosselins LOL!

    If a woman is injected with 2 eggs and then she got 10 kids then I think there would be a problem LOL!