Quiltingbluecat's Bags

  1. My handbag collection is divided into two parts: the bags I make and the bags I buy. I will start out with some of the bags I make.
    3velmas.jpg thumb52.jpg frontpagebag2.jpg
  2. they are so pretty....my Mom would love the one in the back with the flowers!!!
  3. You are very talented! Thanks for sharing.
  4. wow. you are really creative.. hehe.. I don't think I can make any bag at all.. hehe.. so lucky that you are able to make your own bags....
  5. nice bags
  6. See my web site for pics of the rest of the bags I have made...ellelumiere.com.
  7. love that tote!
  8. Wow, nice bags. You have quite a talent.
  9. Cute bags!
  10. beautifule bags :smile:
  11. Nice collection.
  12. cute bag!! thanks for posting :smile:
  13. Very pretty- you are talented!
  14. great collection :woohoo:
  15. i really like your collection