quilting de puff?! please help!!

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  1. i bought this bag, i think a month ago? and i haven't used it till now. am i just being paranoid or did the quilting seem to be a bit de-puffed? it is brand new too!! I'm kinda sad that it might actually did de puff. please help!! has anyone stored their lambskin in the box lying down for a month? is there a way to puff up the quilts again if my bag did de puff?

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  2. It was probably like this when you bought it. I've owned several lambskin flaps over the years and never known them to depuff.
  3. I don't see any issues here

    Some flaps are just puffier than others but I see nothing wrong in yours

    Very pretty flap!!
  4. it looks fine... but since you haven't used it in a month maybe it just looks different to you now, several weeks later? lamb bags can and do de-puff, but it takes a very long time.. you mostly see flat puffs among the vintage flaps. but you can't re-puff them .. best thing is proper care and storage.. and that starts with standing it upright for storage:smile:
  5. I wouldn't recommend storing your bags in a closed box. My mom used to do this until she opened up to a purse filled with mold. She's in Northern California so there isn't a humidity problem per se, but moisture in general does get captured inside the box and can spawn nasty things over time. Just FYI