Quilters Club!!

  1. Thanks for the tip, didn't know that and already found it at my fave fabric shop online!
  2. Hessefan, I make pieced backings to use up scraps and also because I just like the way they look. You can also sew together several large pieces of the same fabric for backing, you don't need just one whole piece.
  3. I also posted this in the sewing thread.

    Here is the quilt I just finished for my 8 year old DS. It was a kit I got at Sew Expo in Puyallup. I pieced the top and did the binding. My Mom did the quilting. She used a white thread in the bobbin so you can really see the quilting on the back. See the 3rd pic for a good example. You can see the outline of the space shuttle before launch.
    Ruben star quilt front.jpg Ruben star quilt back.jpg Ruben star quilt back close up.jpg
  4. Bumping this elderly thread--where are all the quilters??--because I finally finished the queen-sized quilt I started in the 90s! The pattern is called "Chimney Sweep". I have really gotten back into quilting lately. Let's revive this thread!
    image-3768650763.jpg image-3416458264.jpg image-514529518.jpg
  5. This is so lovely!!
  6. This is my first one, I'm doing it by hand and I've never done anything like this before, I'm really pleased with how it's going, it's inside out at the minute as I'm doing the sides. It's not for a full length bed I was thinking more of a throw or something while I'm sat on the sofa :smile:
  7. I love those colors! Hand-quilting, wow--I do not have the patience! I hate to even sew binding by hand.
  8. I too would really like to start quilting as well! The one project Im interested in is taking all of my son's old basketball and soccer uniforms and making a "memory" type quilt before he graduates from highschool.

    Has anyone quilted anything like this?
  9. I haven't done one. But I know you need to use a good stabilizer if you are using knit shirts (t-shirts).
  10. I did a quilt retreat last weekend and was able to finish three quilt tops. No, I'm not that fast. I prepped for the retreat over about four months. I had all the blocks for all three tops completed before I started the retreat. So I only had to assemble the blocks and add the borders.

    First top is a jelly roll call Mod Century. It is going to get a cream colored flannel backing. I went with a lighter backing for this quilt because I wanted it to be a summer weight quilt.

    Next is Wooden Spools. A kit from Connecting Threads, which is my favorite online fabric store. They sell great kits with good fabric for about the least expensive price I have seen anywhere. This will get a black minky fabric for the backing.

    Lastly is Wrenches, another kit from Connecting Threads. My DH and DS are fighting over who will claim this quilt. I wasn't in love with this pattern while I was making it because they have you make umpteen half square triangle, so it took forever. When they could have written the pattern so you make X amount of flying geese of various color combinations. If I ever make this pattern again I will redraft it with Electronic Quilter program so it has flying geese instead of half square triangles. This quilt will get a charcoal colored minky backing.

    All the minky fabrics I use are the non bumpy minkys. I made one quilt with the bumpy minky and I don't like it. If I don't wear socks to bed, I can feel the bumps through the sheet and it bugs me. I swear I'm not a princess though.
    mod century small.jpg spools small.jpg wrenches small.jpg
  11. They are lovely! I'd be fighting over them too if I was in your family :smile:
  12. I only have one quilt that I can say I did on my own- with a treadle sewing machine, lol. It was my senior home ec project. I will post pics soon :smile:

  13. Oh, I love these! Especially the first one, it's so vintage-looking!

    Over the summer I made two quilt tops, now I am in the process of quilting the red-and-white Ohio Star. Reeeeeally wish I had a long-arm! The other quilt is so enormous--the bed I laid it out on is a queensize and as you can see it's much too big--I am dreading ImageUploadedByPurseForum1422019052.397497.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1422019106.736225.jpg quilting that one and may just pay someone else to do it. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1422018976.862859.jpg
  14. Backing for the Ohio Star. I just used random yards and pieces them together, I like a scrappy quilt back. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1422019235.250525.jpg
  15. Gorgeous. I quilt all mine by check. LOL. Yes, that means I pay someone to do it. I really only like piecing the tops. And I also like putting the binding on.