Quilted Zip Clutch or Wallet in Teal....

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  1. Has anyone seen these anywhere recently? From what I understand, Nordstroms sold out of all the ZCs that were on sale (incl Teal). I haven't seen them on any websites either. Does anyone know of a good place to look?
  2. the only place i saw the teal zc online was at diabro.net, but it's gone now. have you tried calling nm, bloomingdale's, or Saks? they still might have it at full price. good luck!
  3. and i believe there might be at least 1, if not 2, returns on the teal quilted ZC to nordie's...
  4. I also saw one at the SF MJ boutique. Not on sale tho. I'd check Nordstrom's for recent returns.
  5. Agree, keep checking! I'm sure it will turn up again. It's a very pretty color.
  6. do you know someone who returned one, or might be returning one soon? If so, I'll have my SA check it out.

    I can't really pay full price (at least right now), so maybe I can wait for after Xmas markdowns. Does anyone know if the MJ store ever has markdown and/or sales?
  7. i'm going to return mine to the Nordstrom's at south bay galleria in redondo beach, CA. they don't even carry MJ collection bags, but it's the closest nordie's to me. i'll try to put it on hold for you? PM me your name...:yes:
  8. Thank you thundercloud - I just bought the Teal ZC that you returned!! I paid for the 3-4 day shipping, so I hope it'll be here by Monday. I can't wait to get it & start using it w/my Silvana!!

    Now I need to find some kind of cosmetic bag or pouch and a cell phone case. The problem with the Silvana is that there are no pockets (just the one slip pocket on the inside, which I guess I could use for my cell phone), so I'd like to get a few small bags to keep the inside organized.
  9. oh, congrats!! i'm so glad you got it!! :yahoo:

    personally, i use a harajuku lovers cosmetic bag to carry some of the small stuff. it helps keep me organized. :yes: