Quilted Zip Bowler - Emily?

  1. What does everyone think of the quilted zip bowler? I think it's called the Emily...?

  2. ^ Emily (from MIXED QUILTED LEATHER line) is gorgeous!!! :love: :love:
    The (goat) leather is soft and smooth. It comes in Black, Oatmeal, Bisque, Plum, and Truffle; I don't like it in Black (very sharp contrast stitching).

    Emily is light, you can wear it on the shoulder too (the narrow straps are long enough).

    I like it a lot more than QUILTED Bowler.
  3. I love that bag!
  4. I really like this bag. My biggest complaint is that the quilting is different (smaller) on the sides. Shoptwigs has some better views:

    Emily in Truffle at Shoptwigs.com
  5. I tried this bag on at Nordstrom earlier this week and almost bought it. GORGEOUS bag. My only dislike is that the hardware is so tiny and delicate looking, and it is a fairly generously sized bag. Seemed a mismatch to me. But bag.lover is right... it is really beautiful.
  6. SuLi--
    I love this bag! I'd probably get a different color, but the shape and design are gorgeous! Also, the leather looks super rich and yummy!

    Are you thinking about getting it??
  7. I like this style a lot! If I used satchel, I would totally consider this.
  8. I'm thinking about getting it, but not entirely sure. I've had too much major bag drama lately, so I kind of feel like I need to ban myself for the time being. However, it kind of hurts being down a couple of bags (I've really downsized my collection) and not having as many choices to choose from - spoke like a true purse addict, right?

    I've only seen the black one IRL and like bag.lover, I'm not entirely sold on that contrast stitching. I've also been thinking more and more about the quilted Blake in black, but I have a few "pushlock" MJ bags, so I'm trying to move away from that for more variety.
  9. I know what you mean SuLi... but that blake is really great! I go with the quilted blake hands down if I had a choice between the two.
  10. SuLi, you can also ask your SA to transfer other colors in for you to see. I know that Nordstrom gets Black, Oatmeal, and Truffle; I checked NM's look book, but I can't recall the colors.

    Bluebeeonline has a picture of the bag on a model: