Quilted Venetia or Quilted Blake

Jan 10, 2006
Okay guys. One more question. Went to my NM to return my white Julia (which has grown on me by the way for any Julia owners out there). I can get a ivory quilted venetia or a white quilted blake. Which one does everyone have a preference for? My SA told me the venetia was also very popular.
I think it depends on how much you carry on a daily basis, or whether you prefer a "hand" bag or "shoulder" bag. I have a Venetia, and I don't mind carrying it, and in the summer, I can actually sling it over my shoulders. Both are really lovely bags.
I have the Quilted Venetia and I love it. It's my "serious/sexy" luxury bag (I have it in black though)
It's really just a bit more of a sophisticate look, you know?
I can sling mine over my shoulder too.
I own a stam. The Venetia looks like it would compare alot to my Stam which is why I started leaning toward the Blake. I am worried about the Blake being roomy though. Anyone have any problems with that?

Jill, if you read this - why did you buy the Venetia and then never carry them?
Get both! But if you must pick one, it really depends what you'll use it for. The venetia is a pain lugging around shopping cause you can't carry it on your shoulder, but excellent for going to cafes filled with books. Blake is better as a all-purpose bag. Quilting def. more striking on the venetia though.
Yeah, check to see if you can fit the venetia over your shoulder if that's important to you, I can, but I find I hold it in my hand most of the time anyhow.

The reason I chose it over the blake was because I'm one of those people who always, thoughtlessly puts items into my bag. I throw my keys in, my wallet, papers etc... so I'd ALWAYS be searching through the Blake, given it's design.
I knew it would be frustrating to spend time going through the three parts of it to find things, OR I'd just end up using the middle part of the bag, so I opted for the Venetia.

Plus, the Venetia is more esthetically pleasing to me.

HTH!! :smile:
I am the odd girl out. I prefer the Blake over the Venetia. I found the Venetia comfortable, and I love love love my Blake. I can put a TON of stuff in it and carry it over my shoulder with no problem! I love having three compartments so I know exactly where everything is, and with the middle compartment open- I can easily retrieve my cell in a flash.

Both a beautiful, I just love the Blake more.
I too like the blake over the venetia. I think with the three pocket compartments and the fact you can put over your shoulder...is a huge plus!

Post pictures when you decide!
;) Ha! We're making it easy for you huh??

I guess it really does come down to personality. What you find pretty, how organized or disorganized you are :lol: :lol:

I can totally see how the Blake is amazing for the organized types.
I would have a heart attack every day trying to find my keys in it.
I need one-huge-bag.

Whatever you decide? You'll be carrying a GORGEOUS bag!
I LOVE my Blake and would NEVER consider a Venetia. I'm not a fan of that strap and it bugs that it's so wide but doesn't fit on my shoulder. But it is a nice looking bag.

I love the compartmentalization of the Blake. And the middle section is great for putting an agenda, files, books. You can carry it on your arm even if you've got a file standing up--as long as it's not a legal size folder. I just love this bag :smile:
Okay - these are my thoughts. I really love the look of the venetia, but I think I won't like the belt going over the top. I have that with my chloe silverado and most of the time it is never snapped (but in that design it doesn't matter). I'm a "throw things in the bag" type of gal though, so the Blake concerns me. I like to dig and am afraid I wouldn't like organizing my stuff. I am going to give it some thought this week because I can also get both online. I still have my Julia and she is really growing on me. She's roomy and classy looking. I just think the quilting that MJ does is so beautiful. Has anyone heard any buzz about Fall designs?