Quilted Venetia in Bordeaux

  1. Several PFers were looking for Quilted Venetia in Bordeaux (with Icey Leather, Antiqued Hardware, and Suede lining), I am getting old & couldn't remember who exactly. LOL.

    There's an authentic one on ebay right now (BIN $675USD), the seller is Leshent (known for authentic items, many members don't hestitate to buy from this seller & Personalshoppers).
  2. Wow, that is a pretty color.
  3. I was just coming to post this. I bet is gets snatched quickly. I'd take it but I have a Rouge Balenciaga and I wonder if it's too close in color.........:cool:
  4. Sorry ladies, I got it for my sister! This is my 1st handbag purchase from ebay!!!
    I love this Quilted Venetia for myself, but 15" across is a bit big for me (13" is my limit right now). In case she doesn't love it, I will keep it then. =)

    My sister's in the mid-40's with 2 sons (14 & 9), do you think she will love this?
    She has LV's Damier Alma & Red Epi ? (satchel, forgot the style name). I have been looking for another bag for her with no luck. While waiting for our food in a restaurant yesterday, she pointed at someone's Gucci bag & told me that it's probably a new style. I was going to ask members in Gucci Sub-forum for advice, but came across this Venetia.
  5. That bag is gorgeous! Great deal. I think she'll like it, but I don't know how comfortable is to carry while dealing with two kids. In any case, it's a win win situation, if she likes it, she keeps it, if she doesn't, it's yours! :biggrin:
  6. Girliegirl, Balenciaga's Rouge is true red right? I couldn't keep up with all the color names. =)

    This Bordeaux from MJ is burgundy.
  7. It's gorgeous!! At your first post, bag.lover, I clicked and went to the bag, then I searched leshent's items and wondered why I couldn't find it. D-uh, only saw the rest of the thread now... Good choice!!!
  8. Thanks, I thought the price is quite fair for a new & nice leather bag too since it's regularly $1200. I'm really scared of fake bags on ebay, but this seller is trustworthy so I went for it.

    I thought this bag would be good for my sister because of the dark color & materials. Icey leather seems easier to maintain than smooth calf leather, plus finger prints & scratches aren't too obvious on antiqued hardware. If the bag requires too much TLC, I would pass too because my sister needs low-maintenance bags. I was speechless when I saw 2 5-lbs dumbbells in my sister's LV Alma (a few years ago) -- my nephews just dropped them in there. LOL. =) They are old enough not to do that anymore.

    Yup, agree that it's a win-win situation. If she doesn't like it too much, i'll get to use it since I don't have any bag in this color.
  9. Minicoop, were you interested in it too? I'm sorry for taking it away from everyone here.

    Thank you for confirming my choice. =)
    I've been looking desperately around ebay for Rose Quartz Blake lately.
    I recently came across a Petunia Blake, but was too afraid to bid on it since I wasn't familiar with the seller (plus no paypal). This listing's ended, what do you think of it?

    I was outbid on Honey Blake a few weeks ago.
  10. It's a gorgeous bag so I was thinking about it.. but no worries, Good spot by you, so of course you should get it!
  11. Your sister will love that! It is roomy, practical, and stylish. Very nice of you to think of her!
  12. Yes, it is pretty much a true red. I hesitated since I don't need another reddish bag :P Or do I? :graucho:

    I've have to keep my eye out for more Venetias. They've never caught my eye until now.

    Congrats on the bag. Someone's going to love it :heart:
  13. wow, that is gorgeous!!
  14. You are a nice sister. I only have brothers. :sad:
  15. Minicoop, thanks for understanding. =)
    Ooooh, just read about your new Edith in MP! Congrats to both of us shoppers. LOL! =)