Quilted Venetia (in black) -- Still available? Heavier than quilted blake?

  1. Hi ladies, a returning MJ lover here seeking advice on the black Quilted Venetia. For the past 9 months or so I've been growing addicted to Chanel but lately I'm reverting back to MJ and am actually contemplating selling off a Chanel to get a MJ. Crazy!!....I know....most people probably would say so, but my itch for the Black Quilted Venetia just never subsided, even after 2 long years. I guess there's just something so "me" about that bag that I keep longing for it.

    Now, I did a search through the sub-forum and read that Quilted Venetia's/Blake's have been discontinued starting with the S/S '07 collection, so my guess is that whatever stock is left at boutiques/dept. stores must be from past seasons. What are my chances of finding a BLACK Quilted Venetia -- preferably with the canvas (non-suede) lining (as it's lighter) -- at a dept. store now? Has anyone seen any lately -- at Saks or NM? I haven't seen any at the dept. stores in the NY area in a long while.

    Also, is there any leather variation between the one w/ suede lining (from '05) and the on w/ canvas lining (from '06)? Is it the same type of leather used for the BLACK Quilted Venetia for '05 & '06? And is the one with canvas lining definitely much lighter than its suede-lined counterpart?

    I'm also trying to compare the Quilted Venetia with the Quilted Blake -- I'm guessing the Venetia should be lighter than the Blake (without all the compartmentalization).....is that the case?