Quilted v. regular venetia

  1. Is the quilted slightly longer?
    it looks like it to me. pics from bergdorf.

    (check out my new picture posting skilllllzzzz!)
  2. Michelle.coffee, I saw the regular leather & quilted leather versions in person before, but I didn't compare their sizes. Unfortunately, the same online store doesn't have the measurements for all of them.

    (from bloomingales.com) regular Venetia: 14.5" x 4" x 10"
    (from bluebeeonline) Metallic Venetia: 15" x 3.75" x 9"
    (from nm.com) Quilted Venetia: 15" x 5" x 9"

    Your picture posting skilllllzzzz is great! =)
  3. It looks wider, probably to accomodate the quilting size.
    I just measured my Quilted Venetia and it is 15 wide.