Quilted Ursula Wallets - like them?

  1. I like MJ's Zipped Clutch in Blush, but I can't find it anywhere. Besides, it's somewhat big for my daily needs.

    I'm looking at one of these Quilted Ursula Wallets at shoptwigs (today's the last day to use their 15% promotion code).
    What do you think? Do you like them?

    I'm thinking of getting the French Wallet in Black.
  2. i have the quilted ursula wallet in cream (to match my chalk elise). it's great! i've gotten many compliments. It doesnt fit a lot though... 6 cards, cash, and coins. it's hard to double slot the cards which is what i usually like to do.
  3. I like the longer version. I think black is more practical.
  4. I love the black french wallet! :love:

  5. The black french wallet is adorable!
  6. Thank you ladies for liking this line of wallets as well. =)
    I was so busy at work yesterday. By the time I got home to place the order online, I couldn't get the code to work!!!! Customer Service was closed by then, it's not meant to be mine for now. I'll get it some other time, I will continue using my Cartier items (9-card wallet, CC holder, Key Holder, Coin Holder). I am obsessed with Cartier, love...love their watches & accessories. =)
  7. the black french wallet is cute!
  8. I got the Apple green, and you believe it really goes w/ alot. I get tons of compliments on it because of its fun color.