Quilted Ursula Elise on Eluxury

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  1. Spring 06's Black QUILTED URSULA Elise is on Eluxury.com, it's lined with cream canvas (not suede). I don't know if it's a returned item or a mistake (confused with Resort 06's Black QUILTED CLASSIC Elise).

    eLUXURY - Marc Jacobs Collection - Quilted Ursula Elise
    Quilted Ursula Elise $1,050.00
    • Shiny quilted leather
    • Polished gold metal hardware
    • Front pocket with signature Marc Jacobs press-lock
    • Rolled leather handles with round golden links; 5" drop
    • Adjustable leather belts with golden buckles on each side
    • Double zipper closure with chunky golden pulls and leather ties
    • Suede interior with zipped pocket and Marc Jacobs plaque
    • 12.5" x 8" x 5"
    • Made in Italy
    • Black
  2. wow! that popped up out of nowhere, didn't it? such a pretty bag...sigh ;)
  3. Just chatted with Eluxury Customer Service Representative who said that Elux just received a full shipment of Elises for this season. CS Rep insists that their description is correct (patent leather, suede lining) and that these Elises are from Fall 06 after confirming with their merchandiser.

    These should be QUILTED Elises (non-patent) from Resort 06. If you are looking for the patent leather version, I don't think this is it. Eluxury should be getting a lot of complains/returns.
  4. ^how weird! i almost want to order one just for research purposes! almost...but not quite :smile:
  5. ^ I believe that CS reps just go by the description on their site, I'm quite sure that these are Resort 06's black Quilted Elises (non-patent).
  6. I was wondering if this was a returned item at first so I tried adding it to my shopping basket. I was able to get up to 15, these cannot be Quilted Ursula Elise. Unless they are being made (again) exclusively for Eluxury. Suede lining is still wrong.

    I was so excited to see it on eluxury this morning, I PMed members who have been looking for one, what a disappointment. =(
  7. If anyone's really interested in quilted patent elise, it doesn't hurt to try since there's a free shipping now right?
  8. yeah, you're right - if you got 15 into your cart, there's no way it's the patent elise. very sad for those that got their hopes up :sad: