Quilted Ursula Clutch? Where?

  1. Can anyone located one on sale for me anywhere? Nordstrom, Saks, etc.? Thanks!
  2. I got the very last Black Quilted Ursula Clutch at Bloomingdale's Fashion Island today for $350+tax (regularly $450), I received 3-$15 gift cards as well. SA said Bloomies stores carry Black, Chalk, Blush, Midnight, Lobster, Moss (don't remember if Cola is one of the colors), unfortunately many stores have sold out because of recent sales. You can call ask a SA from any Bloomies to do any inventory lookup on your chosen color, you will know exactly which store might have it still.
  3. Unfortunately, too late. Ah, well. My wallet is happy. Thanks so much for all your help. You're like our resident bag and accessories expert. Hehe.
  4. purseluv, i saw one last week at the scp nordstrom at the start of the half-yearly sale. it's worth a try!
  5. Try Saks they can locate one for you and ship it out on the same day! :yes: Good luck