Quilted Tribute

  1. Just a quick question. I ordered the quilted tribute in the smaller size because I already had the tribute in the crinkled patent in the large size (damn buying on impulse)! Of those who have the tribute...what size do you all prefer?
  2. I love my large tribute!:tup:
  3. This bag created quite a dilemma for me. I bought the medium and felt it was a little small. I ended up keeping it. I ordered a large from bluefly and felt it was overwhelming on me. All I saw was the bag. It could almost cover my torso. I do love the large on other people but the medium suited me best. If there were a size in between it would be perfection!
  4. I bought the Large and almost returned it because I was afraid it overwhelmed me, but decided to keep it and am very glad I did :tup:

    I really love it!!! I think I just had to get used to it because it was a different style and shape for me ....

    I tried on the Medium also, but I was looking for a shoulder bag and the Medium didn't fit over the shoulder ....
  5. I have the medium and I love it. It can be dressed up or dressed down...and is very timeless. I'm not sure how much the big bag trend will last as well.

    Both of them look really good in pictures from what I've seen. I actually defaulted to the medium because I couldn't find the large anywhere! lol.
  6. Okay so we are getting thumbs up for the medium! Exciting...I was worried about having two tributes in the same size so going for the smaller in the quilted should pay off!
  7. I have the medium and it fits fine over my (petite) shoulder. I do find that it won't hold a huge amount and look good because it is fairly flat. I carry very little in a big bag usually so that is fine with me. If you like to schlepp a lot around, the medium is not for you.