Quilted tribute tote - black patent- I can't find anywhere!

  1. I've been looking for the tribute tote in quilted black patent and it seems that it's sold out everywhere. I had it in my hands at neiman only a month ago but I opted for the muse at the time. Anyone know where I can find it?
  2. Call Michael at YSL Boutique in Houston. I was there Sat & Sun and they had the tribute totes. Tell him Manjula gave you his number. His number is 713-840-7006.
  3. How funny! That's exactly who I was going to type when I opened this post! I second that!
  4. It's gone- not available. :sad:
  5. I actually had a SA at Neiman track one down for me. She found one at a store in texas i think. I ordered the medium and i CAN"T wait til it gets here! Although from the looks of the recent pictures, should I have gone with the Large? I originally ordered the medium because I have the Large Muse and i think it's too heavy. What do you gals think??
  6. Personally I am glad I got the large one, but I always carry my life in my handbag and I am quite tall. The medium is still a very good sized handbag. In terms of weight, the bag itself is actually surprisingly light. I hope you find the one you love.
  7. I was shocked at how light the large Tribute was. I had the same fear as ysl1983...that it would be too heavy, but that is not the case. It is one of the lightest bags I own (empty that is)!
  8. I ordered the medium quilted tribute from my local Saks store--they did a locator search and sent me one last week. Love it. Really pretty and also agree, surprisingly light. Good luck!
  9. Still available in HK.
  10. I picked up my medium yesterday at NM. I LOVE IT! I can dress it up or dress it down. Thanks everyone for their input. I'll put up pictures when I get the chance...I only have a camera phone though =(
  11. I picked mine up at NM Atlanta on Friday -- I absolutely love it.
  12. I bought the Large one at the Chicago Boutique yesterday .... they had two but another lady may have bought the other one ... they also had the Medium in stock if anyone is looking!
  13. Yayy, girlie, i am glad that you got one too.:yahoo: You should post modeling pics.:graucho: