Quilted Stella - how heavy is this one?

  1. I am thinking about buying a quilted Stella but am concerned that this bag will be too heavy. Do you have one or have you tried one on? How comfortable are the double chain straps? I have a Stam that I don't use because I find it heavy and uncomfortable. How heavy is the quilted Stella compared to the Stam?

    BTW, I have a quilted MP that I love. I just think it's too small for everyday use and wanted something bigger. I think the quilted MP is quite comfortable.

  2. That's good that you like the MP, since the chain is similar... I do think the Stella is very heavy, I've heard that it was one of MJ's heaviest bags, most likely heavier than the Stam. To begin, it's a large bag, quilted, AND has double chains for straps. If you can tolerate that weight, you should be ok... I'm guestimating that it might be 4 lbs...