Quilted, soft calf, or patent?

  1. What do you prefer?

    I just picked up a solf calf zip clutch. But I'm thinking quilted whiskey.. But which type of leather is asthetically pleasing to you?
  2. I like the soft calf and quilted leathers. I love the way the quilted looks, very elegant and classy.
  3. Which color of zip clutch did you just get?

    For this particular clutch, I will choose Soft Calf or Quilted Patent over Plain Quilted. As for Soft Calf vs Quilted Patent, it depends on the color.

    Quilted Patent clutches: My top choice is Blush which is impossible to find nowadays -- it flew out of stores so fast that I couldn't get a hold of it. :sad: My next choice is Black.
  4. ^ oh yes, do tell! which one did you choose?
  5. whiskey soft calf zip clutch
  6. It's really tough cause I like soft calf and quilted but if I have to choose, I would go for soft calf. I'm not a big fan of quilted patent though I agree with bag.lover, my favorite from patent is blush. I would love to have a blush ursula bowler or stam.
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