Quilted Shoulder Bag? or Quilted Blake?

  1. Hello everyone,
    the other night i was out and about the city, while waiting in line for the ladies room no less, a girl went walking by with the most gorgeous MJ bag i had ever seen! It was a Blake style only quilted, and was a carmel/taupe color, lighting was too dim but the bag was just stunning. So here i am searching for any sign of this bag, and sure enough i see it on NM, in saddle brown. I love this bag and i am really willing to shell out top dollar because i just think this is such a classic bag. So my question is on NM it says Quilted shoulder bag, and when i made my calls to retailers they are puzzled and ask me what the name of the bag is, and i thought the name was "quilted shoulder bag" but is it just a quilted blake? my o my i am confused. Whatever the name of this delightful bag does anyone know if a black one is available? or is that a diff season? Should i try the boutiques? And lastly do you think i would be crazy to shell out full price? Sorry for all the questions TIA!!!
    I truly value all opinions on here!:yes:


  2. It's definitely a quilted blake... and gorgeous too! One of my favorite styles. I don't believe these are produced anymore as of Resort 06. These were made in black as well. I think the one you saw was Mouse. Off the top of my head, there's also Ivory, White Chiffon, Hazelnut, Whiskey, and Canary.
  3. I say get it! :tup:

    I just received my quilted canary Blake that I found on eBay (from a fabulous PFer) and couldn't be more happy with this style! :yes:
  4. Beautiful bag, I say do it!!!
  5. Do it! You will regret it otherwise!
  6. get it asap. it's not everyday one feels like definitively paying full price for an expensive bag, which means that you really, really unequivocally love it! you won't regret paying a lot for it, but you will regret missing out on it! don't let it be your 'bag that got away.' it's a terrible feeling! :yes:
  7. I think you are all totally right! How probable do you think it would be to get a black one? or has anyone see the saddle brown? I am sure the saddle brown is just as nice, but there is something about the balck with the gold hardware that makes me melt:drool:!

  8. i say get it too! i love the way the quilted blake looks!
  9. i love the quilted blake...in every color :biggrin:
  10. The blake is just a gorgeous bag...the quilted blake is even more beautiful. Definitely get it!!! If you don't have a black bag yet, get it in that color. Black w/ gold hw looks so classy :love:
  11. I haven't seen any blake quilted blakes in a while on eBay, but that doesn't mean it won't pop up again!!

  12. Was it also made in quilted Emerald -- the dark green Emerald? I could've sworn I saw a woman in NM with a dark quilted green one w/gold hardware. I was struck by the color b/c it was like my sister-in-law's Blake, just quilted.
  13. Yes you are correct i got off the phone with the boutique there was emerald, cashew, mouse, graphite, black, almond, and i think there was another. but yes the emerald sounds gorgeous!
  14. It was! I think I like the soft calf version a teeny bit better because the leather just looks so buttery. But it was very elegant looking in the quilted emerald.
  15. Here's a quilted Blake in Black from a great seller. I've bought an MJ from her in the past.