Quilted Satchel - Im So Confused! HELP!

  1. So I called Nordstroms today to see what they had left as far as MJ bags go. The SA told me she had three different quilted satchels left:

    1. QUILTED SATCHEL, orig price $1395, sale price 829 - she says they have it in green and navy. She said it's very similar to the Stam except it only has the chain shoulder strap, no handles. She also said the bottom is a little more squared.

    2. MINA QUILTED SATCHEL, orig price $1195, sale price 709.90 - They have this in Turquoise. Again, she said it has a single shoulder strap no handles. She said this is more of a shoulder bag than a satchel.

    3. QUILTED STAM, Orig price $1550, sale price 929 - they have one left in a Mustard Yellow color

    So I know what the Stam is - just don't think I like the Mustard color (also, $900+ is a little steep for me)

    Where I'm confused is I can't figure out the other two bags are. I've seen pics of the Mina, and everywhere I've seen it, it's orig price was $1395, not 1195. So I thought maybe she confused the two bags and the first one is really the Mina. But then, what's the Quilted Satchel that's orig $1195? I can't find a bag like that anywhere. Honestly, that's more my price range ($709) so if it's not too different from the Mina or Stam, maybe I'll just get that one. Does anyone know which bag that could be?

    Also, opinions on the Mina and the Satchels that don't have handles - are they very heavy? I really prefer to have a bag with handles & a shoulder strap, so not sure if I'd like carrying one of these - I've read that the chain strap starts to hurt after a while.

    There's a Christian Louboutin bag that's also on sale for around the same price that I fell in love with a few weeks ago - I was thinking about just getting that bag, but then I started thinking about MJ and I haven't gotten a new MJ for quite some time. If they had a bag that I really liked, I thought maybe I should just get an MJ instead.

    Decisions - decisions! I just wish I could buy them all!!!!!
  2. I agree that the Mina is the first one with an original price of $1395. I think the second one is a Silvana, original price $1195. The picture is from Nordstrom's website. Also, the last bag mentioned sounds like a patchwork stam, although I've not seen one in yellow.
  3. You're actually right - I called back and the bag on sale for $709 is the Sylvana (the white bag pic above). They have it in Teal. They do also have the Mina (the one that's $829) in both green and navy and the Mustard Yellow Stam for $929. I think I'm going to get the Sylvana - any thoughts on that bag? I know I love the Teal color, plus its a shoulder bag (with padded strap) with a zip top opening. I haven't seen IRL yet, I'm picking it up tomorrow - I hope I love it!

    I wish I could get both the Louboutin and the MJ but I can only afford one - since the MJ is less, I'm leaning towards that one (maybe the CL will still be around for 2nd markdown!)
  4. the silvana is a great bag and teal is such a pretty color. i think once you see it irl, you'll see how beautiful it is. let us know how everything turns out and be sure to post pics if you wind up with the silvana!
  5. This is actually the stam bag that they have - not really "mustard yellow" but when I first asked about MJ bags she said they had the one in Ostrich - when I called back later, she described it as a "mustard yellow" - I thought it was a different bag, but I found this online & saw that the orig price was 1550 - same as the bag at Nordstroms - so this must be the bag they have. Honestly, I think this bag is kinda ugly - it's not even made of leather, it's canvas w/Ostrich trim - does anyone else like it?

  6. I am wondering whether only Silvana in Teal color is on sale?
    I had my eyes on Silvana in black for a while and I was on Nordstrom on this Saturday, but I have not seen it on sale.....
  7. I don't believe any of the black Fall 2007 bags were included in the sale. Nordstrom considers black a classic color and will hold on those bags for another season or two before marking them down.
  8. i'm not really a fan of the coated fabric styles. the color and ostrich trim are not for me.
  9. I don't know about the Silvana, but when I asked about the Alyona, she told me only the teal was on sale (that's the bag I really wanted & they have it in other colors but at full price) - I would imagine the same is true w/the Silvana
  10. it was on sale at the nordies that i order from i'd go with the alyona, i wanted it in berry, such a pretty color but i like the teal too.....decisions...decisions....
  11. Aggie - that berry really is pretty. I think I saw one on the sale table at NM last week. I saw the teal one at Nordies.