quilted or patchwork stam?

  1. so i ordered a black quilted stam as a part of the Nordies sale tomorrow... but i think they are shipping me a black patchwork stam. i like them both... but can't decide what to do now. do i keep the patchwork or ship it back and get the quilted (which may not be a part of the sale)? what would you do?
    MJ_11337418_black_h.jpg p11353266_ph_althero_Black.jpg
  2. May I ask is there another difference besides the "patchwork" pattern? Are they the same size?
  3. I read on another thread thats Holts in Toronto is having a huge sale on Marc Jacobs....you should check if they have the quilted on sale!

    I Like the quilted more!
  4. quilted one!
  5. if it's your first/possibly only stam, definitely quilted.

    otherwise, go fro the patchwork. i think it looks really fresh.
  6. I like the patchwork better. I think I am just tired of seeing so many fake quilted stams around overall.
  7. I really love them both!! Sorry, I'm not much help!
  8. Personally,the elastic quilted. I've been thinking about getting one myself. It looks a little more 'dressier' and just looks more vibrant/rich (not meaning class but color/leather). But the patchwork IS cute in its own way. Can't go wrong...but don't keep the patchwork by default. Make sure you love it--oterwise, you'll ultimately have to get the quilted one too ! ;)
  9. lumkeikei - as far as i know they are both the exact same size.

    mona danya - i read that too... i'm gonna head up there tonight and check the sale out... i still think the prices from the states are cheaper though. and i have a friend bringing it across so i don't have to pay duty either! but if holts prices are good, and they have the quilted one, i will put one on hold just in case.

    has anyone ever had to deal with returns at nordstrums? is it pretty painless?
  10. Nordstrom has the best return policy, so you shouldn't have any problems especially if you have the receipt. i prefer the quilted stams. it's more classic. i don't know why, but i never really took to the patchwork except on the ines.
  11. thanks tadpolenyc. i agree the quilted is more classic. i also agree with beachgal that it and the elastic quilted look dressier.
  12. I love love love the quilted pattern. I'm not in love with the patchwork..it looks funny to me. I think the quilted looks much more classic and timeless.
  13. i'm sure this has been asked 100 times, but is the only full size stam on sale black?
  14. i don't think so... it sounds to me like the black one is actually a rare find in the sale.
  15. OK!!! I've finally got it sorted out! i called again to see what was going on with the stam confusion. so the bag that costs 1550 before the sale is the patch work. the elastic quilt is a little more at just over 1600. both of those bags are a part of the sale. the original black quilt however is not a part of the sale. they are still selling it at the regular price (1350). so even after asking 18 times if it was the original quilt that they were sending me and them assuring me it was... right now, a black patchwork stam is on it's way to my house. hopefully this hasn't happened to anyone else, or this prevents it from happening to anyone else.