Quilted or Patchwork? Help Me Decide

  1. Hi Everyone:

    Does anyone have both the Quilted and Patchwork MJ in order to compare. I want to buy the Stam in Black but I don't know what to choose the Elastic Quilted One or the Patchwork? Any suggestions?

  2. personally, i favor the quilted in black...
    i think the patchwork works (no pun intended) better when done in brighter colors.
  3. Quilted, definitely.
  4. i actually like the patchwork alot more. the surface of the bag looks alot smoother and sometimes shinier :yes:
  5. If choosing between elastic and Patchwork, I would go with Patchwork. It's more classic looking than elastic IMO. I love the bordeaux color as well.
  6. I like both, but the patchwork is classic to me and the patchwork a bit more modern. It depends on what you like better.
  7. I love the patchwork, I think it really exudes sophistication.
  8. i agree with shoebuyer37. the quilted is a classic style that goes well with the kisslock closure. however the patchwork is edgy, and i love the shiny smooth leather quality. i say go with the patchwork in this case. it's not seen quite as often out there among the masses!
  9. i like the quilted over the patchwork.
  10. I love both styles but if I had to choose, I would have to pick the quilted since that's the one I fell in love with first.
  11. I would pick the Patchwork over the Elastic Quilted one.
  12. I'm not sure if everyone is noticing, the OP mentions Elastic Quilting. I don't think she's referring to classic quilting...

    I don't know if that will change your opinion or not.

  13. I have both the classic quilting and the patchwork. I like the patchwork one much much better. The leather is much more smoother and squishier. And I'll definetely pick the classic quilting over the elastic quilting one.
  14. i'd pick the elastic quilting
  15. Although I like them both, I would choose the patchwork.