Quilted Nylon Tote

  1. I was just on eluxury looking at the new MBMJ bags for fall and this one caught my eye.... and a cheapy too, under $200..:yahoo:would be great for a rainy/snowy day when i have to go to work...SOOOO
    i click on it, and go to put it in my shopping bag and the screen pops up that they are out of stock!!!! so i go back to the MBMJ page and try to click on it again and now it's gone forever!!! :sad: Now i'm sad....

  2. I want to see a larger picture, but it won't let me.
  3. It's on the marcjacobs.com under Marc by Marc Jacobs Womens Fall 07... i can't copy and past the image b/c it's a dynamic image... It is red in the scrolling image
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Shopbop has it on there web site in cranberry.
  6. awesome.. Thanks Purseloco!!
  7. I like the pink one. I hope I get my hands on it before it sells out!