Quilted North/South Tote question

  1. I had this bag in Cola (patent) and returned it... found it too "formed" for my taste. But love the looks of it and am wondering if any of you who have it in the non-patent version find it to be softer than the patent version. I know it won't be "smooshy," but am wondering if those who have it find that it "breaks in" and softens up nicely. Thoughts? Thanks!
  2. I have it in the black quilt and it can be stiff. I found that if I put a lot less stuff in it then it was less structured (less weight to hold it rigid, I think). How I feel about it comes and goes...I get excited to carry it but find myself swapping out for my bowler which carries more and looks great. mags
  3. Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. :smile: