Quilted multicolore LV???

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  1. Saw a girl today carrying a LV QUILTED multicolore? do these exist? i have never seen or heard of them. I couldn't get a closer look without looking like a nut!!!
  2. LV never made that. I can say with 100% certainity you saw a fake.
  3. I thought so!!! What confused me is that the girl is VERY wealthy and has no troubles flaunting it. Just shocked me that she would be so bold to carry a fake... that takes real balls in my opinion
  4. Lol yeah definitely fake. And some people, unfortunately, don't care about authenticity whether they're wealthy or not (i.e. Paris Hilton).
  5. I am also thrown because, unlike most fakes, it actually looked nice. :wtf:
    i thought maybe it was from a new series or maybe a limited edition
  6. Yup, it was a fake you saw... I know which one you're talking about, but I can't find a pic of it! :search:
  7. Would love to see a pic! Hope someone can dig one up somewhere. :p:p:p
  8. :nogood: this sounds hilarious... what does it look like?
  9. It's FrankenLVstein!!!!
  10. I remember seeing a very odd LV Multicolore bag a few years ago in Italy: it was made of hexagonal, or even octagonal canvas patches that were sewn together to make a hoboesque handbag.
  11. I will try take a photo of her with it tomorrow... they won't be great photos though because she won't know I'm photographing her bag....
    mu ahahahahhaha

    To describe the bag in more detail.
    White multicolore tote. carried over shoulder (strap was a chain twisted around). The colours were VERY VERY distinct. Can't emphasise this enough. Very bold colours. see picture i have done which looks similar in terms of bold colours. also see my very dodgey example of what it looked like. ignore assymetry of the LVs. Just to give you an idea

    The LVs also appeared to be stitched rather than printed :S



    Also had a gold LV plaque on the side like the REALLY expensive LVs

    Only had about 6 different colours, and was very rectangular.
  12. Quilted multicolore??!! EEwww... And even if they were real, I probably wouldnt like it. Too busy/tacky :tdown:
  13. sounds funny looking
  14. ^^^^^^
    Wealth means nothing. Paris Hilton is loaded and she admits to loving (and carrying) fake designer bags!!
  15. That sounds like an interesting bag..