quilted MP on ebay - are these the same bag?

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  1. hiya all. i saw these, and sellers said these are from "last season" but have 2006 in their descriptions. one said orginal proce $1200 the other $1500 but they both look like they are the same bag. what do you think? are they? if i have to pick one and they are the same bag, i would rather pay a bit less for some imperfections. plus, there is nothing like the feeling for worn leather :yes: thank youuuu....



  2. bagpunk,

    this is too darn funny. we seem to go for the same bags LOL :smile: cos I have been thinking about this boudeaux quilted MP for a while. It has been relisted on ebay many many times over several months. Price started at 899.99 if I am not mistaken.

    I will personally buy the brand new piece given that the price difference is only about a hundred bucks. Like you said "pay slightly less for the used one", it is only slightly less so wouldn't you want a brand new bag that you can break into yourself?

    Good luck!:graucho: It is a lovely bag. I am very tempted myself.
  3. hahaha kimmi, we can start a cat fight over our bag muahahaha.... the only thing stopping me is that the quilted / chain combination is very 'visible' in that people can spot them easily, and if we have stam/s, having the MP version of the same 'feel' (quilt, brass, chain) may start to look like all of our bags look sorta the same. if you know what i mean. i am in love more with the leather of these bags i must say. do you know if this is the size of the same one venessa carlton is pictured to carry in our celebrity thread? i thought i saw kate moss's looking smaller? is this the larger size that we are looking at on ebay? another thing, i am not sure i like the slump look around the edges, slouching in the middle is OK, but this one seem to slouch on the sides as well?
  4. if you get this colour, it would be such a vast difference to your stam though. I totally get what you mean abt the leather that you are in love with. It is the icy leather I am telling you, the sheen and vintagey look of it. I personally love the quilt, brass and chain look so I have no problem at all having several bags of this look but that is just me hahahah

    M not sure abt the size but I suspect this one on ebay (brand new piece) is the larger one.

    My girlfriend has the large MP in a tobaccoish colour (baglover help me out here on the colour, she bought in last year think could be a Fall 05 bag) and the way it drapes and slouches is beautiful. I makes the bag look so casual and fun but material and look of bag is elegant. I love this contradiction juxtaposition thingy going on. Hope you understand what I mean hahahha
  5. In Fall 2005, QUILTED Multipocket was available in 2 sizes; the smaller one is ~$1100USD, I can't remember if the the bigger one is $1200 or $1300. I hate it when sellers mark up the price of an item.

    The Violet MP is large, the leather is nappa (baby butt soft).
    eBay: MARC JACOBS Hard-To-Find Dk Purple Stam Bag Lk New (item 170058539134 end time Dec-13-06 18:07:24 PST)
    The Bordeaux MP is small, the leather is icy (not as soft as nappa, has some sheen to it).
    eBay: NWT MARC JACOBS QUILTED MULTI POCKET BAG RIRI $1200+ (item 120061703888 end time Dec-16-06 17:00:00 PST)

    The smaller MP was heavily marked down at department stores several months ago, some members were able to buy them (in mostly Petrol & Taupe) for a little over $300USD. If you are willing for pay almost full price for these items, it's better to call a MJ boutique and ask a SA to look up their inventory for you. Violet is an extremely...extremely rare color.
  6. thanks baglover. as always! do you happen to have an MJ boutique number? as you probably know by now, there is no MJ in this part of the world (apac = asia pacific).
  7. I have the petrol MP and it's got a bit of slouch evenly across the entire bag because the chain tends to weigh down the sides a bit. Regular MPs don't have the weight of the chain so the ends of the zippers tend to point up.

    Both of these MPs are small and retailed for about $1100. These two colors are both fall 2005 releases. The violet MP appears to be nappa leather, whereas the bordeaux is icey. IMO, if I were to choose, I'd go with the Violet, only because the color is beautiful and it's an extremely rare color to find. Both are authentic.

    As for the bag, I adore it... I haven't been using it as much lately, but it's definitely a staple in my collection. I would never get rid of it. The chain isn't uncomfortable for me to wear, but I could foresee a problem with sleeveless shirts and long hair. I haven't had it get tangled in my long hair yet. It's not very heavy either, I've weighed it before and it was under 3 lbs.

    I don't think owning a stam and the quilted MP would be monotonous either, I generally use my stam as a satchel bag or use the double handles on my shoulder. And the colors are vastly different, as is the size...
  8. The smaller QUILTED Multipocket is being made again for Spring/Summer 2007.

    9.5 x 9 x 5"
    Colors: Black, Ivory, Brown, Blue, Natural
  9. does the quilted MP only come in 2 sizes? i thought i saw a pic of someone carrying what looked like a very large multipocket (that actress, the main character from grey's anatomy) and liked it. not sure i guessed the right bag though. but definitely looking for as large as possible a MP. that slouch on the sides might be a problem for me. i like how the normal MP slouches only in the middle and created that nice curve. i saw some pics of the quilted MP looking like half the bag that it is because the top had entirely collapsed down-wards. maybe i should be looking at the non-quilted range. i love the sap green someone just bought. oooh.. so yummy...
  10. ^ Yes (didn't read post#5?), I know for a fact that Fall 2005's QUILTED Multipocket came in Small & Large (the information came from Marc Jacobs lookbook at MJ boutiques). The Violet MP shows the measurement of the large size (13" across), the Bordeaux shows the measurement of the small size (9" across). If you are interested, you can ask the seller whether it has feet on the bottom on the bag (only on large MP).
  11. When you're carrying the bag on your shoulder, it does slouch in the middle...it's only when the chain is relaxed does it slouch on the sides. If you're looking for a larger bag, then def pass on these because they're both small. Do you have a photo of the actress from Grey's? Love that show BTW.. too bad there are reruns until mid jan!
  12. oops. missed your info in post #5. thanks baglover. again :smile: feet? ah. will ask. thanks again! i must really think about that slouchy edges though... about the colour, the bordeaux actually looks violet in pic, and the one stated as purple by seller seemed bordeaux in pics. we know that lighting can really effect how the colours look. do you think sellers were accurate in their descriptions?
  13. I would describe Fall 05's Bordeaux as burgundy, it has some purple undertone from certain angles. It looks different from Violet for sure.

    If you have any doubt about the style, don't go for it.
    I ordered 2 Quilted MPs from MJ boutiques several months ago, I hated the thick chain so much (too funky for my taste). The shoulder strap and the style are just not for me, I prefer the simpler and more elegant chain shoulder straps from Chanel.

    If you do like the Violet MP, ask the seller to confirm the measurements and provide additional pictures.
  14. isn't it funny how bags can also be unsuitable or suitable for some and not for others? like hair style i suppose. for a long time bags were just bags to me, if i liked it i carried it. and then one day, i carried something which i really liked but caught a reflection of myself while walking around in some mall, and i really did not like what i saw. i looked "funny" (i found out the same way about shoes). i tend to look OK with sling-bags, back-pack, stam-like vintage shaped bag ("organic" ones), prada gauffre'an frame bag and general frame bags, doctor styled bags, bowling-bag shaped ones, large hobos ( gucci). i looked horrid carrying LVs, and unfortunately for me, i also look funny carrying chanel classic quilted ones... :sad: stam is the first MJ that is "me". hmm... i am wondering about the MP....
  15. ^ It's true that people have different preference in things. I like lady-like, dressy, sophiscated, and elegant bags -- I love Chanel's flap/reissue. I have a weakness for frame bags, I cannot resist buying them. I am a fan of Prada bags too.

    Does your local department store carry MP? You should try it on before buying. Most ebay purchases don't allow returns/exchanges so you have to be sure that you want it.

    I recently bought Little Stam (because it's a frame bag) from MJ boutique, I have serious buyer's remorse. I always knew that the thick chain is not my style, I don't know what I was thinking at the time. I have never sold any bags on ebay so re-selling is never something I consider for myself. My SIL/sister don't like it either so I can't give it them.