Quilted MP (nappa leather)

  1. Keep checking this link, maybe Petrol will pop up again. =) Black is still $1100USD.

    Marc Jacobs - Quilted Chain Shoulder Bag - Saks.com
    Marc Jacobs
    Quilted Chain Shoulder Bag
    A soft, nappa leather style with goldtone hardware and chain shoulder strap.
    · Top zip flap closure
    · Front and side push-lock pockets
    · Suede lining with zipper pocket
    · 9½"H X 10"L X 4½"W
    · Made in Italy
    $1,100.00 Sale $439.90 - $1,100.00 0470825754257
  2. Love it! The petrol is a hot color.
  3. Barney's in NYC had petrol and bordeaux I think for about $650 as of Monday. It's worth a call if you really want one
  4. oh dear...:love:
  5. LOL. Tempted again? =)
    Thithi, your icy Petrol is nicer, plus Amethyst MP is TDF. =)
    How many MJ bags (or should I say MP) do you have now? Give us an update in the MJ collection thread. =)
  6. bordeaux??? *swoon*:heart: :heart:


    bag.lover, I'm trying to not buy anything, I swear. But if these enablers keep posting great deals I won't be able to stop. LMAO. I promise I will update when I get the MP on Wednesday. :angel:
  7. I have been stalking this link, hoping Petrol will pop up! So far, no good. Will let you know if I get lucky!

  8. Good luck! If one pops up I really want it to go to another tpfer!
  9. Petrol? Oh....ME! ME! ME!....just kidding, I already have petrol. But bordeaux, that's pretty! Was the bordeaux the quilted nappa or the icy?
  10. Hey, I just realized that this is the icy petrol from 2005- same item number from Saks.