Quilted Mina vs. Quilted Stam

  1. I'm going to get anew MJ tomorrow morning and I keep going back and forth between a quilted Mina and a Quilted Stam... Which one do you like best???
  2. What colors? :upsidedown:
  3. black or ivory in either...

    i've seen the Stam but never the Mina IRL and I'm ordering online...
  4. the mina is pretty, but i prefer the stam. i can carry the stam on my arm, shoulders, or by hand using the rolled leather handles. i don't find the mina as versatile. the chain strap is long enough to carry the bag on your shoulders, but too long to carry any other way. the plum elastic mina is gorgeous though. i've seen it in green too. i love the jewel tones of the elastic line, but i like the style of the stam better.
  5. Thanks tadpolenyc! You are so helpful!:tup: I'll be sure to post pics!!
  6. I agree with tadpole... I like having the option to wear the short handles and I think prolong periods of the chain strap on my shoulder would hurt.
  7. I love the elastic quilt line, but I don't like the mina. It's a large awkward bag. Go for the classic stam!
  8. I love both so much...I saw the Elastic Stam in Black yesterday, and it looked incredible. Both bags are so versatile and different so it's hard to say which is better cause they are both individually so immaculate. For now I would go for the Stam though and get the Mina one day if they don't out-sell. Also, the deep blue elastic Stam is incredible in person...it's like an almost blackish-blue subtle metallic dream. I bet it tastes like fresh sugary blueberries. Just another option for ya - lol. :heart::heart::heart:
  9. i just bought a stam (over the mina) because i want the versatility of the handles and the chain shoulder strap - that was pretty much the only reason (as the mina was cheaper too!)