Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag

  1. Does anyone have the Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag? I held it in the store and I'm wondering how heavy that chain would get on your shoulder? It's such a gorgeous back though! I've been dreaming about this bag for a year.:tender:
  2. Do you have a pic or a name? Sounds delicious!
  3. It's this one I am interested in. But Black with a Gold Chain.

  4. How cute. Looks small, hopefully the chain is not too heavy.
  5. It's pretty heavy and it's a pretty decent size purse. Just wondering over time how the chain is on your shoulder.
  6. Wow, seems like it could get a toll on your shoulders. All that special hardware could be deceiving. The bag is yummy!!
  7. It is really cute.
  8. cute!!! reminds me a bit of the chanel style with the quilted leather and chain.
  9. wow!! thats a real cute bag.... love it :smile: