Quilted Leather Question...

  1. I'm thinking hard on a quilted Stam, in a lighter color. I wear alot of dark denim though, and am concerned that the blue will rub off onto the bag. I know this is more of a problem for some types of leathers than others. Has it been a problem for quilted Stam owners? I'd really like to hear of other's experiences with this. Thanks, and I apologize if this is in the wrong spot or has been discussed before!
  2. I don't have a quilted stam, but I think this may be a problem with lighter colored bags in general. I have not tried it, but someone once told me that if you wash your jeans in vinegar it would stop them from bleeding. So, I wonder if it would stop the color from rubbing onto bags also? If anyone's tried washing their jeans in vinegar, let us know. Thanks.
  3. I have an ivory stam and I also wear a lot of dark denim. I was really concerned that the denim would rub off on my stam b/c I read that that it had happened to someone on tpf. however, i applied applegarde leather treatment and protector to my stam and it still looks as good as new! i bought it in July '07 and I use it fairly often. i was also worried about the handles getting soiled but they still look perfect as well. that reminds me... i think my stam is due for another applegarde treatment. you can search the posts to find out more about applegarde. i bought mine at burlington coat factory.
  4. Treating the bag is a pretty good idea, maybe that extra coat acts as a barrier between the dye and the leather. You can also buy appleguarde leatherstuff.com. I suggest buying a lot of the conditioner - I go through that stuff like water!
  5. I've got an ivory stam as well and haven't had any problems... the leather is quite matte so I don't know that colour would adhere to it that well.

    Are your jeans fairly new? Once you wash them enough for the dye to stop running, you should be ok to carry a light coloured stam!
  6. Yes, doing a vineagre rinse will help set the dye in cotton.
  7. i have a stam in cashew (the stam hobo) and have not heard any issues with the transfer of color, what i am more worried about is the rubbing of the leather from the handles, i suggest you put some leather protectant or leather guard on your bag when you do get it.

    good luck, stam is a classic, i resisted getting one for a while but broke down and got it in metallic and will get it in topaz, when i get my hands on it