Quilted leather purses....

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  1. Trend or something that will remain popular forever like LV monogram? Just curious...I see more and more co's coming out with quilted leather purses - Marc Jacobs, Burberry, etc....just curious what your thoughts are on this topic?
  2. I only love quilted Chanel!!
  3. Yes, Chanel for me too!!

    The Chanel quilted will be a classic forever......
  4. I like both Chanel and MJ. Not so much of Burberry though.
  5. i think quilted will lasts... look at chanel, also i think mj stam will last the times.
  6. I love Chanel and MJ quilted styles! They are gorgeous!

  7. Quilted doesn't yank my chain, thank God because I can walk my Chanel and not care.:shrugs: One less vice to worry about.
  8. I think quilted Chanel has been and will be a classic... not so much with Marc Jacobs or the like, though.
  9. I heard that Gryson is coming out with quilted leather bags in their Spring line. There is another Gryson in my future I'm sure.
    I'm not a fan of Chanel bags at all tho.
  10. I'm a fan:heart: I have a MJ black patent quilted bowler :smile:
  11. Along with loving the quilted Chanel and MJ bags, I love the quilted Balenciaga's :heart:
  12. Couldn't have put it better myself and boy, am I relieved - I am seduced way too easily (by bags!) and the notion of becoming attracted to rather than turned off by quilted designs is very scary indeed . . . Lead me not into quilted temptation . . .
  13. Chanel Chanel Chanel. Living proof that quilted purses stand the test of time.
  14. I just bought a Marc Jacobs quilted Multi Pocket and I love it! It'll last...besides I think it's a little more interesting and fun to look at than plain leather.
  15. Chanel's Quilted bags stand the test of time.

    MJ's quilted styles were introduced in Fall 2005, only time will tell if they have staying power.