Quilted Leather Hobo

  1. Hi,
    Does anyone own this? Is it comfortable on the shoulder?

  2. i have this! i havent decided if i am going to return or keep yet though. it's comfy and not very heavy :smile:.
  3. What's wrong that you might return it?
  4. ^^ i just got a black baby spy and an onatah pm so it's more the money thing. i already used the above 2 bags so it's only this one that is even returnable. i also got the matching wallet for the mj so i am tempted... that and i have 700 credit at Saks that i used to buy this bag. i also got it at 20% off which means i'll end up paying around 300 more for the set.

    it really is a lovely bag... it doesnt ride too low (i'm short so i can't wear 'long' bags) and not too heavy. i hope you get one!
  5. You should keep yours Ally... it's very cute! ;)
  6. Having seen it on Rachel Bilson, I must say, I am now in love with this bag. Seems like a really nice alternative to the Stam. I actually saw someone carry the cream colored this weekend at a Banana Republic store. Hopefully, she didn't notice me tailing her to get a better look ;) .

  7. I have the ivory one with the leather strap. I was going to get the chain one and heard it is very uncomfy to wear. The leather strap though is fine.
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