Quilted jacket.

  1. I bought a black quilted Burberry jacket with snap on buttons in Bloomingdales in NY in November, I am returning late Feb and do not have the receipt. However a lot of the threads have come loose and the pocket has started coming off and I only put a small pair of gloves in them! I did not expect this from Burberry and would rather have got the cheaper same coat from Barbour for much better quality.

    What are chances of getting it repaired/replaced?
  2. Bloomingdales should have record of your purchase in their computer system. if you paid by credit card call the cc company and they should be able to provide you with a copy of your receipt.
    I would ask for a repair and if that cannot be done Bloomindales should replace it for you.
    Maybe contact them prior to your arrival giving them a heads up and get a contact name!
    Good luck I hope they will do something for you!