Quilted in Argyle *Pic*

  1. I have the opportunity to buy this bag.... I think the color is beautiful and I love the quilted, but have two concerns about the bag:
    1) Can I get it on my shoulder? I can wear my city on my shoulder (not comfortably, but I can force it there).
    2) Will the bag smoosh or collapse under my arm and lay down somewhat flat?

    Quilted Argyle.jpg
  2. tabbyco - yes to both questions. I have this bag in black and love it!
  3. I tried this bag at Selfridges before and I could get it over my shoulder a little bit more comfy than the City - but only just :push:

    The bag will go flat when it is on your shoulder and you push your arm down on it but when you carry it in the hand or crook of the arm I think it will keep its shape :yes:

    It is a lovely looking bag :love:

    Perhaps someone who actually owns a matelasse can help more :flowers:
  4. never try this style..but it is beautiful.
  5. Hi there,
    I just returned this same bag in black. To answer your questions, yes it will fit on the shoulder, and even flatten out a bit. But unlike the city, it is a much boxier shape, so it doesn't really look great on the shoulder (that is of course, just my opinion and experience). The color by the way, is awesome!
  6. Ooooh ... I like it in this color!!!!

    As you can see by my Avatar, I have the small Black Matelasse.

    It can fit on the shoulder, but most folks either hand-carry it or carry it on the lower arm. If you do want to carry this on your shoulder, I would definitely recommend that you stick to the smaller size as this style is very boxy. The large size is very big and, in my opinion, would not be comfortable if carried on the shoulder.
  7. Thanks everyone for your response. I'm having it sent to me, but thankfully, I can return it if it doesn't work out.

    The price kind of hurts...
  8. O, one more thing.. I am carrying my speedy 30 right now. Would you say that the size is similiar?

    Compare and contrast... (just kidding, I sound like a teacher):smartass:
  9. I don't have one to be able to help you out with your questions... but it is a gorgeous bag!! :yes:
  10. tabbyco,
    yes, I would say the size is pretty comparable to the speedy 30.
    Enjoy your new bag, and post modeling pics when you get it!
  11. LOVE the color and silver hardware! GREAT combo!
  12. hmm...haven't got the chance to try this style but it's a lovely bag with silver hardware and the color is nice.....:smile:
  13. I think she is LOVELY... and at least you can send her back if you dont fall in love!
  14. She will be here tomorrow!!
  15. I really want to see modeling pics of this bag. Did you get the medium size?