quilted handbags - any suggestions

  1. i'm dying for a smaller sized quilted handbag, maybe a larger clutch, any idea's besides vintage coco?

  2. Try the Marc Jacobs thread. Lots of ladies will help you out there.
    He has collections of quilted bags and clutches that so cute! I have a small multi-pocket quilted hobo in petrol and I love it!
  3. marc jacobs and prada
  4. I like the quilted Chanels the best, so what about a quilted clutch or a medium classic flap. Those are classic bags which will be with you for many years to come.
  5. Chloe Quilted Bays:heart::heart:
  6. MJ or Chanel are my votes!
  7. I like the quilted Balenciaga but ultimately for me quilted meens Chanel!