Quilted Flap Clutch

  1. Does anyone have this? Or has anyone seen it? I saw it at Nordstoms last week and now am completely in love!! I can't decide if I want it in black or purple, but, I think the black is going to win...the leather is just so soft!!
    marc jacobs.jpg
  2. I've seen posts about the bag that has this quilting in pewter. I think you can find it on Zappos.com. It's probably on the marcjacobs.com website as well. it looks nice in black!
  3. yes. i have a small wallet in cobalt. i think the small is cuter but the large is functional
  4. pic attached
  5. Thanks Pink! I forgot about the smaller version! I remember seeing it in Nordstroms now! :noggin: I can be kinda forgetful sometimes haha!
  6. I love stars, I have two star tattoos! Is it a purse or a clutch bag? It's really lovely, is iy Mby MJ or Marc Jacobs?
  7. you can get it on zappos.com, they have black and cobalt, shopbop.com has all three colors
  8. it's a wallet, but, could be used as a clutch if you wanted to :smile: (do that alot lol)

    And it's Marc by Marc Jacobs. Kinda wanting the bag now too...the blue stands out more...

  9. I just saw this at the off 5th in Schaumburg IL. It probably still is there you may want to call them. Beware, the sales staff is not that knowledgeable so you have to really be specific in what you're looking for.
  10. The bag is cute but I am absolutely in love with that clutch now! Do you know what the retail on it is?
  11. 165 on the clutch. there are a couple of bags on zappos.com...the big one (the one that I saw on ebay) is 465 or so. I found the clutch/wallet on e-lux as well.

    Def. going to get this prolly next week or so. I keep thinking about it!!!
  12. Oh..this is so cute...I have to have one. I have a thing for stars and hearts for that matter..mags