Quilted Faye backpack? Any owners, like or dislike?

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  1. I can’t find anything about the quilted Faye backpack!
    I just bought a medium in navy! Have never seen one in real life!
    If you have one post a pic please! Thank you
  2. If you have one does it have the silver ID sticker in it?
    I received this one, besides it being advertised as medium and in reality it’s a small
    There is no silver sticker inside! Red flag!
  3. Have you received your bag? I'd love to see pics! Haven't seen IRL yet. Enjoy!
  4. 02004AA1-A5B8-4771-9BDC-EF3F5599D1C2.jpeg
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  5. I returned the quilted! It was advertised as medium, it was a small. And it appeared narrower and smaller than regular small backpack!
    I ended up with a black small backpack, that I found at-a good price!