quilted emerald blake questions

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  1. ^^ also, what is a reasonable price for this bag? thanks ladies!!
  2. that definitely looks like calf
  3. I see that it ended with BIN. Did you get it Jackie? It's a stunning bag.
  4. ugh nooooo the winner isnt me. this ALWAYS happens. does anyone know if i can find this bag anywhere? i cant stop thinking about it now :sad:
  5. Oh no, that's terrible. It was such a pretty color too! These were made in Fall 06. I've seen the blake and the quilted hobo in emerald. It's a stunning color.
  6. mission 2008: to find a quilted emerald blake
  7. ^^ thanks amy! im currently watching the auction, but im feeling alittle uneasy about the sellers 0% feedback. ugh what to do, what to do...
  8. hey, everyone starts with 0 feedback but definitely ask for more pictures
  9. ^^ i know. i emailed her alittle while ago asking for some extra pictures. ill post them here when she sends them.
  10. LOL I still own a non-quilted Emerald blake that I HAVEN'T worn yet! (I was told to take those tags off in the fall) Please don't throw tomatoes at me LOL

    ----> def ask for more pics at that price they should take a little extra time to post those pics and not be lazy by posting one. argh!
  11. ^^Girl! What is wrong with you? LOL! Take that baby out and use her! Emerald will look amazing right now for the holidays!!!:heart::heart:
  12. ^^:shocked::shocked::shocked: that is just crazy lovekoobabags!!
  13. Aww, I'm sorry you missed your bag on eBay!!!
    Don't worry, another will come up... and then you can show us all when you get it!! :graucho: