Quilted Elise in Blue

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  1. I went to a second hand designer shop in Bonn today and I saw a very pretty Marc Jacobs bag. After doing some research I found out that the bag is called quilted Elise in Topaz. Since I had a problem with the fading color of Bruna I'm kinda afraid to experience the same thing with this bag. So, the questions for the owner of Topaz Elise. Does the color fade like in washed leather Bruna? Does the bag hold up well? The bag is second hand but still in pristine condition for 560 Euros (784 US Dollars), is that good price for it? Thank you in advance for the reply, ladies!
  2. No fading issues with Topaz -- Topaz is quilted calf leather, which is completely different from your Bruna which is washed goat leather. The leather is thicker, heavier and probably a little more durable

    There is ONE issue with Topaz bags that should be mentioned - almost every single previously used Topaz bag I've seen (esp stams) the color seems to rub off and/or wear more heavily at the corners and edges. I don't know if it's the dye that was used for the Topaz color, but this is one of the only colors I've seen this happen with regularly. I don't think I've ever seen a second-hand Topaz stam w/o some kind of wear to the corners. Some are worse than others, I think it all depends on how heavily you use the bag

    The color is gorgeous tho and the Elise a cute little big! Altho I think that price is just a little too high for that particular color/style (Topaz is from the 2006 Resort season). I think the bag only retailed for US$995
  3. yeah, I know it's an expensive market in Germany what with MJ being not that easily available, but the price seems too high for a used Elise.
  4. Thank you for the reply ladies. I guess I'm gonna pass this one. Still looking for the perfect quilted MJ bag....
  5. I think the price is a bit high too, I am sure you'll find another perfect bag for a better price! Maybe try eBay??