Quilted/Elastic Quilted/Kid Elastic Quilted Stam


Mar 15, 2007
Hi All! I am new to MJ forum (usually at LV or Balenciaga) and am really wanting to get a MJ Stam bag. Can somebody help me w/the differences between the classic quilted, elastic quilted, and kid elastic quilted bags? I can't see any difference between the first two, and think the kid bag may be smaller and have silver hardware? While the classic and elastic both have gold hardware? Sorry if this has already been discussed, couldn't find a thread on this. Thanks so much!

PS Any thoughts on Stam vs Blake would also be welcome! :smile:


Jun 7, 2006
Hi there.. I'm not a fan of the new elastic quilted stams. The quilting looks really weird to me. I don't know if the quilting stretches on the elastic bags, but it doesn't look like good quality in general. I think you're right about the kid quilted, it's suppose to be a smaller version of the regular elastic quilted bag.

I'm a fan of the classic quilted stams, the quilting is more along the lines of chanel quilting. In order of the way I like the bags, it would be blake, then stam, then elastic quilted stam. Blakes are more versatile for daily wear IMO than the stams.


Nov 2, 2006
I saw a quilted blake in white chiffon (or ivory) today at the MJ boutique in LA. Its gorgeous! If you want to order it, ask for Stella (she is super nice).

I also think Bergdorf goodman has it online still too.