Quilted Elastic Bag Owners - Check your Leather Care Card

  1. I bought a Quilted Elastic Mina bag from Nordstroms today. As I was looking the bag over when I got home, I noticed that the Leather Care Card that was included had some unusual wording. In addition, there were several mis-spelled words!! This gave me cause for alarm, and I was afraid that the bag was not authentic (that maybe someone had bought an authentic bag & returned a fake). After posting in the Authenticate This thread, it appears that not only is the bag authentic, but another PFer has a Care Card exactly like mine (and her bag is also a Quilted Elastic Bag)!

    I'm just curious how many other tags like this are out there. If you own any of the Quilted Elastic Bags, take a look at the Leather Care Card that came with your bag (not the booklet - the single flat card), and see if it looks like this (Specifically, the words "Naturaly" and "Taned") - Ya have to wonder, who's proofing these cards?!

  2. My Mina's card says the same thing and Andrew bought my Mina from Eluxury. My Green Elastic stam is from Nordstrom's and has the same card with it too...I think you're perfectly fine :yes:, I just think someone's got a proofreading disease over at MJ, lol.
  3. both of my mina purchased from Saks have the same card and with the same exact spelling as yours.. :smile: