Quilted Denim Amanda?

  1. Have anyone happened to see a quilted Amanda in Denim anywhere recently? As usual, I only want the impossible! Thanks so much in advance
  2. ^ I saw it at NM 1-2 weeks ago, but it was purchased by someone already (didn't see it last night). It's been marked down, you might try calling your local NM. A SA can do an inventory lookup for you. Good luck. =)
  3. Thanks very much baglover. Do you happen to know if MJ ship outside the U.S.?
  4. ^ Yes (for orders placed over the phone).
    You can Neiman Marcus San Francisco at 877-634-6264 ext 2166, ask for Christine.
  5. I just checked and the Amanda is sold out at all MJ boutiques. I'll try NM..Thanks
  6. I just checked with Stella (my SA at MJ boutique in LA; 323-653-5148), MJ boutiques still have Black and Hazelnut.

    QUILTED Satchel
    COLORS: Black, White, Denim, Hazelnut, Orange