Quilted Cord Maggie - is it worth it????

  1. I have been waiting for this bag to become available since I first saw it in the runway pics months ago. I love it - but I'm choking :crybaby:on the price ($2150.) What do you all think???????
    (Pic from eluxury.com)

    [​IMG] :love:
  2. I love that bag too, but I thought that it was like 1200 something.
  3. It's cute but I personally wouldn't pay that price for it
  4. I agree, LOVE the bag but I would never spend that much... Esp if it's fsuede? I wish it was leather, suede is so hard to clean!! But it's suppose to be a nice large bag.
  5. It's a very pretty bag. It seems a little dressy to me but I would get it anyway. Very nice. Classic.
  6. Thanks for the opinions (keep them coming!) - I wish I could see the bag IRL!! Love LOVE LOVE the tortoise frame!! Decisions, decisions - ARRGHHHH!
  7. The MJ store in LA had the bag but sent it up to SF at a request of a customer.. sadly, I never saw it. I did see some other bags with the tortoise frame, and there is no metal support in there. Makes me worry that it could crack easily, although the SA said she hasn't heard any complaints. (Of course not, how many do you think have actually already sold at that price?)
  8. The bag is really cute, but I would have to agree with the others that it price tag is a bit high.
  9. It's gorgeous, but with those features (suede, tortoise frame) and price I'd be nervous about carrying it that I'd end up just looking at it and not using it. If you're looking for a usable bag, this probably isn't it. If you want something to bust out on special occassions, though, you'll definitely wow people with it.
  10. I really like it!! Looks like a fun bag.:love:
  11. i like the bag, but the fact that its suede turns me away.sorry. but for that price, i would rather get a bag that i can wear in all weather with no worries. KWIM.
  12. I've been lusting after this bag (in purple) too, but I think I'm gonna take a pass because of the price. If it were $1,500, maybe...
  13. It is indeed a very cute bag but I've never seen it IRL either. I am not a big fan of the chain and I don't think I like my handbag in suede. I like suede linings but I agree with thithi, suede will be so hard to clean. The price, I won't pay that much but it's really up to you of how much you want this bag and your financial situation.
  14. Cosmo, there's one on ebay with starting bid of $1499.99. =)
    eBay: Authentic Marc Jacobs Plum Suede Maggie Bag $2150 (item 200031881847 end time Oct-04-06 11:13:36 PDT)
    Guessing that the price tag has to do with Maggie being featured in the runway for Fall 06. It's an absolutely gorgeous bag with yummy leather lining. Drool~